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Internal Rules of Café Amigo

As of 26.8.21, a new Covid-19 procedure is in force in Estonia by the Government, which regulates the control of infection safety in restaurants and bars starting the 1st person. We act in accordance, therefore we request to be ready to present your immunization certificate, negative PCR test certificate or COVID pass-through certificate and identity document to our staff, when asked. Tests at the spot 5 €. Hotel management appreciates your kind co-operation!

1. Café Amigo opens its doors to the clients Fri – Sat at 22.00-04.00. The ticket sale closes at 03.00. Cafe Amigo reserves the right to change the opening hours.
2. Music and sales from the bars will end 30 minutes prior to closing hours.
3. Based on the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, smoking in Cafe Amigo is only allowed in the designated smoking rooms.
4. The employees of Café Amigo are entitled and obliged to choose clients to ensure the safety of other clients.
5. The employees of Café Amigo will ban the entry to the nightclub in the following cases:
a) The client has a gun, an item resembling a gun, or any other item that might endanger other clients;
b) The client tries entering the club with his/her own alcoholic beverages;
c) The client demonstrates strong signs of alcohol or drug intoxication;
d) The client behaves in an aggressive and provocative manner;
e) The client does not obey the orders of the employees of Café Amigo;
f) The client refuses to leave his/her outerwear to the wardrobe;
g) The client’s appearance is not adequate for staying at Café Amigo (dirty clothes, appearance is not proper);
h) The client is younger than 21 years of age;
i) The client does not present an identification document with a photograph, which would allow to identify his/her age;
j) The client has previously violated the internal rules of Café Amigo;
k) The client has previously disturbed other clients in the club and in the premises of Original Sokos Hotel Viru;
l) The client has been engaged in illegal sales in the club and in the premises of Original Sokos Hotel Viru;
m) The client has refused from security check;
n) The client does not present the above mentioned Covid-19 certificate or a negative test result made at the spot.
6. In order to enter the night club a client is required to buy a ticket from the cashier, unless having the right for a free entrance:
a) an Original Sokos Hotel Viru staff card, granting free entrance to the employees and to one companion;
b) other invitations accepted by Café Amigo and the hotel management, granting free entrance to the holder of the the invitation;
7. The ticket money will not be reimbursed.
8. After entering Café Amigo, the clients will have access to all the rooms opened for the guests, consume the products sold, and spend their time in compliance with the house rules.
9. In order to ensure the safety of other people in the club, the employees of Café Amigo are entitled and obliged to expel the clients, committing the following misdemeanour, from the nightclub:
a) behaving in a manner that annoys or disturbs either other clients, performers, or the employees of Café Amigo;
b) is demonstrating strong signs of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
c) behaving in a matter that causes material damages to Café Amigo (breaking the inventory, ruining or damaging the interior, soiling the rooms, etc.);
d) fails to pay his/her bill and/or compensate for the material damage caused;
e) tries to engage in illegal sales activities in the territory and/or in the premises of Original Sokos Hotel Viru;
f) sleeps in the rooms of Café Amigo or elsewhere in the public premises of the hotel;
g) is involved in a fight or otherwise behaves in an aggressive manner; in case of a fight, all the parties involved will be expelled;
h) does not obey the orders of the employees of Café Amigo.
10. The employees of Café Amigo have the right to demand compensation for the material damages caused by the client, the compensation amounting to double value of the items either broken or damaged. The cashier of the nightclub will issue a receipt on the settled amount;
11. The employees of Café Amigo treat all the clients with an equal courtesy. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

The security service has the right to check the identification documents of the persons violating the internal rules and, if necessary, use the assistance of the security company and of the Estonian Police.