Book a table

A truly lively party night also calls for fun breathers in your favourite company. For your celebration, why not book a private banquet table that will nicely accommodate up to 10 of your friends.

A table booking requires a deposit of 125€ , which includes your choice of 1 litre of spirits (vodka, rum, gin or whisky) and, for extending it, 2 litres of juice or tonic.

Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit (at least 1 business day before the event is to take place); if it is not received on time, the booking will be considered cancelled.

* A deposit does not include admission to the club.

Admission to the club is 7€ on Sunday to Thursday and 10€ on Friday and Saturday. For ladies, admission is free on Sunday to Wednesday and during the first hour on Thursday to Saturday. Bookings are kept until 11 pm.

For VIP card holders, booking a table is free! If you wish, you may pre-order drinks based on the applicable price list. In addition, Amigo will give 10 free passes to each VIP during their birthday week.

To book a table, submit your inquiry at least 1 business day before the desired event via the form provided or e-mail it to

* Amigo does not take table bookings for special events. Special events always have a note to this effect in the programme.

To reserve a table, please fill in the form:

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